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Posted by Christiaan Moons on Nov 9, 2020 11:12:33 AM

For FrieslandCampina, improving work processes on plant sites is an ongoing course of action. Therefore, it’s fundamental to be aware of possible shortcomings and growth potential of these processes. They decided to implement INCATools PID tuner, a tool that matched the technical criteria and scored high on usability because of the integrated roadmap. Read in this blog why FrieslandCampina needed to change course and what benefits the software offered.

Moving towards a structured approach for tuning a PID controller

With 64 FrieslandCampina plants, there’s no time to manually tune all the PID control loops. Using the trial and error method and evaluating over time what will happen to the control loops is too time-consuming. On top of that, the process technologists at FrieslandCampina have varying skill sets, backgrounds, work processes, and infrastructures. That’s why FrieslandCampina could improve their method to a more secure, structured, and standardized approach. To achieve this goal, they explored different tools. The use of a PID control tool would eventually contribute to happier and well-trained employees and to a more efficient and stable plant.


Advanced PID tuning tool with high usability

The next step was developing a shortlist with the main criteria the tool had to meet. Besides some technical aspects, ease of use was an essential criteria, because:

  • The process technologists are used to manually tuning control loops, so implementing an advanced tool would be a challenge;
  • There’s a knowledge gap between the process technologists in some plants;
  • FrieslandCampina aims to reach a large community where the process technologists, DCS engineers, and process engineers need to be able to work together with the software. If everyone is familiar with the technology, it is more likely errors and alarms are observed much faster. 

FrieslandCampina chose the INCATools PID tuner because of its high usability and meeting the preferred technical criteria. The integrated workflow and templates that apply to different types of DCS and PLC systems contribute to this.


Case study - FrieslandCampina

The use of INCATools PID tuner resulted in an enhanced quality, stability, and capacity and in improvement of staff efficiency and expertise. Curious what other benefits and results INCATools PID Tuner offered 60 plants?

Read the full case study today!

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