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Non-linearities – an invisible enemy of your PID control loops

Posted by Julian Vidal on Jan 11, 2023 3:22:13 PM

PID control is widely used for process control across various industries. However, PID control performs well if the process behaviour is almost linear, which is not the case most of the time. Non-linearities are quite common in practice, although they are often not properly identified or considered for the design of the control system.

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3 ways to find out more about INCATools

Posted by Christiaan Moons on Jul 12, 2021 1:21:51 PM

We often don't have the time to sift through information on new products, especially when under pressure to find solutions for ongoing problems. To help you discover INCATools AptiTune, we've compiled a list of options to choose from to fit your busy schedule.

INCATools is a suite of process control tools that contains some of the most powerful PID tuning instruments on the market. INCATools AptiTune is the tool to be used to tune ALL your PID controllers: the easy, the tough, the non-interacting and the interacting ones.

To learn more about INCATools AptiTune, you can download a demo version of the software or request a live demo with one of our Control experts.


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5 reasons to use INCATools as a PID tuning software

Posted by Edwin Weetink on May 11, 2020 10:06:16 AM

Your ultimate goal as a DCS engineer is to get the most out of your plant operations. Over the years you’ve developed your own rules of thumb and used your gut-feeling to tune your PID loops. Most of the time this works well. But what if I told you PID loops can be tuned the first time right? INCATools — a set of PID tuning and process control tools — enables this. It is developed to overcome the challenges you face everyday. In this blog, I tell you about the top 5 reasons to use INCATools as a PID tuning software to tune PID controllers. 

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