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Edwin Weetink is a senior APC consultant and Managing director of IPCOS

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Did you know a DCS can change your PID equation?

Posted by Edwin Weetink on Apr 7, 2021 10:23:16 AM

Every DCS has its own set of PID loop equations.  A Honeywell Experion DCS features 5 different equations and an Emerson Delta-V DCS can even offer 7 equations. Each equation implies a different formulation of the PID control algorithm. So, each equation might require different tuning parameters to obtain the same or similar closed-loop behaviour. Many control engineers ignore the equation type of a PID loop. Even if you have tuned many different loops, you might not be able to obtain the desired closed-loop performance if you don’t have the right equation selected.

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Topics: PID tuning, Plant performance

5 reasons to use INCATools as a PID tuning software

Posted by Edwin Weetink on May 11, 2020 10:06:16 AM

Your ultimate goal as a DCS engineer is to get the most out of your plant operations. Over the years you’ve developed your own rules of thumb and used your gut-feeling to tune your PID loops. Most of the time this works well. But what if I told you PID loops can be tuned the first time right? INCATools — a set of PID tuning and process control tools — enables this. It is developed to overcome the challenges you face everyday. In this blog, I tell you about the top 5 reasons to use INCATools as a PID tuning software to tune PID controllers. 

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