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Hitendra Chauhan is an APC consultant at IPCOS

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PID control: Furnace and Boiler excess air control

Posted by Hitendra Chauhan on May 27, 2020 9:18:03 AM

From furnace or boiler efficiency point of view, excess air control is very important to be set up correctly. When there is too much air in the combustion process, additional fuel is being burned to raise the temperature of this excess air to the combustion temperature. Excess air absorbs the heat that goes up the stack, rather than in the process. To control the excess air to its minimum level, it's required to control it tightly in a “safe way”. If there is not enough air being introduced into the combustion process, all fuel will not be burned and, consequently, it will be lost up the stack in the form of combustibles. Not only does this result in an obvious waste of valuable energy, safety and pollution hazards are created. 

Discover in this blog how to reduce specific energy consumption of furnace or boilers by implementing the correct control strategies. 

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Topics: PID tuning, PID tuning parameters, PID tuning methods

5 common PID tuning mistakes you can easily avoid

Posted by Hitendra Chauhan on May 26, 2020 3:18:42 PM

When the grass root plant starts production, 70% to 80% of the PID loops are in default mode. There is nothing wrong with default settings. However, when time passes and alarms occur, the production manager will complain about spending too much time on controlling the plant. You need to check all the PID loops to make sure the plant will run smoothly. In this blog, you will read 5 of the most common mistakes made by DCS engineers in PID tuning. And more importantly, how you can avoid those mistakes.

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Topics: PID tuning, PID tuning parameters, PID tuning methods

How to do PID tuning on a furnace?

Posted by Hitendra Chauhan on May 25, 2020 2:56:52 PM

In most of the chemical and metallurgical industries a furnace or heater is the most common and important thermal equipment used. Some control schemes have been recognized for automatic control of furnace outlet temperature, cascade control of temperature with fuel, control of fuel to air mixture ratio, and excess oxygen control content in flue gas. The design of a control scheme is very important, and it may vary as per the process and plant requirement. The final control performs well only if the underlying PID loops are designed and tuned correctly. Without robust and safe PID tuning parameters, tight and safe control of the furnace outlet temperature is not possible. Picking the correct temperature control scheme design and tuning the PID loops in it properly are equally important. In this blog you'll learn about PID tuning of a furnace.

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Topics: PID tuning, PID tuning parameters, PID tuning methods